“Good Old Buddy” VS “Newbie”

27 09 2006


I really do not know how big of a hit Microsoft’s Zune is going to be, but I have doubts, for many reasons.

First of all, it’s a Microsoft product. And since Microsoft have only screwed up products in his history (no…for real!!), I doubt, that Zune would be a big hit. Or probably it will be a bigger hit untill Steve kicks some butts in Cupertino and comes up with a newer, better, smarter and nicer iPod in January at the Keynote. There are already many sites comparing these two babies, but still… for me iPod is a no-brainy: winner.

First of all iPod is cool. And I mean it! It’s cool to wear, it’s cool to have one. The Zune (okay, it’s brand new) is just not “cool”, and I do not feel the heat around it. People just won’t buy it, because it’s not what you have in your mind, when you think of a good MP3 (and portable video) player.

Zune’s “Marketplace” is such a rip-off, with an awesomely bad name. However not only mentioning bad and worse things about Microsoft’s new baby (however I cannot understand the third color either: brown. I mean…what??), I have to admit, that being wireless is a big thing, and the bigger (wider) screen is neat as well.
However I already see the slide of Steve’s Keynote, saying that the new iPod does wireless and integreates with Airport, aaaand also has larger screen. So it’s only a monopoly characteristics for not more than 3months. However rumor has it, that Apple will kick off with a new iPod for the Christmas season. If it does so, it will be only the final torture for Bill and his company. If Steve is smart enough, than he’ll hold a keynote before the Holiday Season to make people buy the (then) newest and coolest product in the market. However since Apple has it’s soo famous and well-waited Keynote in early January…well it can make some headache in Cupertino whether come up with a new gadget before end December or after it.

This decision can acutally be a big decision-maker in people’s mind as well. Whether Uncle Joe will buy a new Zune or an even newer iPod for little Timmy for Christmas. Hmm… what do you think?

Anyways. I already see some big copying in Zune’s accessories and concept. Just check this out:
-Don’t you feel, like you have already seen something like this?
-Oh, yeah…wait a minute… like it was some Apple product, wasn’t it?
-There you go…

Anyhow… you can read some facts about the two gadgets here, and of course see the comparision of them.

Finally one thing, that I just found, and in what Microsoft takes a big leap ahead: packaging. If this really is how the box looks like… well… not bad. Cannot really compare to the sofisticated design of Apple’s but well… at least they can copy.

But no question for me who wins.
I stay biting that Apple! 😉




2 hozzászólás

27 09 2006

Microsoft has some great hardware products: their mice are awesome (as an open source ethusiast, I’m using a Microsoft mouse). But of course you’re right that their other products still suck… (including Windows)

20 11 2006
Don Piefcone

I wonder what little Tommy is gonna get for Christmas??? I will give you a Zune, just to check how far I can go….

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