Happy Thanksgiving!

24 11 2006

I decided to write this in English. Firstly because I really have not written anything in this language lately, and secondly becuase Thanksgiving is really about America and about those traditions.

So I clearly remember how I spent this holiday, when I was in the States.
The whole (host)family got together, including some friends and further relatives as well. The boys started to make the turkeys (yea, two birds were made, since we were about 15ppl) in the garden, and the ladies set the table. It really was like a big, happy family together. Boys talking about cars, ladies, drinking beer… you know…, while the girls were mentioning clothes, news, stars, celebrities, books, movies.
It really was lovely.
The turkeys were just awesome. I mean I have already ate great turkeys, but those were above all of them! The dressing, the sidrers, everything.
Even drinking (illegaly!! 😀 ), and smoking a cigar. Later on we watched two movies from Pay-Per-View, and went to sleep.
I remember, that I had to sleep on the couch, becuase some relatives used my bed, but honestly, I would have been happy to sleep even on the floor, if that was neccessary, because the whole “feeling” was just great.

And honestly… I do miss it. And I am very sad, that we don’t celebrate it here, in Europe.
What else can I say… :
Happy Thanksgiving to All!




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